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Meet the Tap Dance Director

Bess Bair, also known as Rosie Radiator, has been a professional tap dancer for most of her life. She oversees the Soundancing Inc. 501c3 dance program and when in town she sees clients at the Tap Dance Room, in San Francisco, California.  She also spends time at the Summet Tap Dance Camp in Mendocino County and tours with her dance companies.

Dance Pioneer

Rosie's national solo TV commercial, Guinness World Records, and Radiators nightclub trio, have made her the subject of numerous national and international news stories. The Smithsonian Magazine calls Rosie "San Francisco's tap dance guru" and Senator Dianne Feinstein says, "There goes the true spirit of San Francisco."

Celebrating the Community

In 1976 on Labor Day, Rosie danced across the Golden Gate Bridge in honor of her Grandmother, Bess Hesby, and declaired the first Tap Dance Day. She carried the American Flag presented to her grandmother by Mrs. Thomas Edison  in 1915 when Grandmother Bess was crowned Miss Liberty, Queen of the Panama Pacific International Exposition.

For 30 years, (1976-2006) Rosie's tap dance team danced across the City to celebrate San Francisco's Annual Tap Dance Day. It was called the "Tour de Tap for Clean Air". They danced across the city from the Ferry Boats on the bay, in Sausalito up Market Street, into and through the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART) ,around Union Square, onto the Cable Cars, and through downtown. They did this to celebrate tap dancing, promote public transit, and to encourage people to follow thier dreams, like Grandma Bess, Miss Liberty 1915.

Royce Gallery

Rosie's team retired the "Tour de Tap" in 2006, but they continue to celebrate the spirit of Miss Liberty at the Royce Gallery in San Francisco. The gallery was specially built for tap dancing, which is evidenced in the MIDITAP™ style smooth floors and perfect full body sightlines. It is a musical pot of golden sound at the end of the long, bumpy, yellow brick road.

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