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Tap Dance Classes in San Francisco, California

Enjoy exciting  tap dance under the direction of  Rosie Radiator

   "San Francisco's tap dance guru." Smithsonian Mag. 

She and her staff offer Loose Ankle Tap® dance classes for adults and MIDITAP™ fun for everyone at the Tap Dance Room. 

What is Loose Ankle Tap®?

"Tap is a natural dance form that exits thru pathways of release that are ancient and universal.  When you look at the original tappers, your body begins to identify with the movement," Rosie says. "Once in balance, the more relaxed and  comfortable you are, the more you can access this pathway.

Loose Ankle Tap® is the tap technique that allows your feet to remain relaxed while using your knees and other tap triggers to produce clear clean sounds.   The result is a natural dance movement that releases the natural style of the dancer.  In other words you look like you were born dancing not like you went to dancing school. Plus, there's a pleasure endorphin that's released behind the kneecap when the foot is relaxed and the kneecap is gently squeezing.  She hesitates. "I'm not sure we should tell the world that. It feels so good they might make it illegal."  

Entry Level Classes:

• For - Individuals who have never tapped with us before, you must take an ENTRY CLASS
 Wednesday & Thursday Classes Are All Full at This Time.

 ENTRY DATES 2015-16


ALL TUESDAYS 6-7:15 OR 7:30-8:45 PM

SEPT 1, 2015JAN 5, 2016APRIL 5, 2016JULY 12, 2016OCT 12, 2016

• Small Classes - 8 People Max
• $25 per Class




Private & Ongoing Class: 

• Beginner & Advanced Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday • Evening Lessons • Small Classes - 8 People Max


Additional Tap Dancing Studio Information:   If you are considering joining the Guinness Tap Team join the next class.

• Register Today - Call 415  621-8277 or Email Us
  at Radtap@Radtap.com
• Free Professional Tap Dance Shoes Available
• Private Tap Practice Space Is Available
• Teens to Adults, Beginners to Professionals
• Class Fees - Paid Once a Month
• No Contracts
• Year Round Classes Available

Contact us in San Francisco, California, for more information on Rosie Radiator's exciting tap dance classes.